New election promises that should already have been kept

Prime Minister Trudeau is again promising to pass Bill C-6, which is the bill banning conversion therapy, if he is re-elected.

As CTV News reports, the Trudeau government had finally moved the bill, along with some other 'priority' legislation, to the Senate late in the parliamentary session. Trudeau then called the election, only because he felt he could win a majority, and this action killed all the bills, including C-6.

This is important legislation. Perhaps too important to be left to anyone who puts their fortunes, and the fortunes of their party, ahead of the needs of already vulnerable children.

If this legislation, and the other bills that died on the table, had really been a priority for the Liberals, they would have waited for the Senate to do its work before calling an election to try and secure a majority government during the fourth wave of a global pandemic.

Politicians are supposed to work for Canadians, not themselves. They should always be made to work for our votes.

Please keep this in mind when it comes time to exercise your power to vote on September 20, 2021.