About the Discrimination category

As nice as Canadians can be, discrimination is a huge problem in our country whether we admit it or not.


Racism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, are all problems, among many others, that fit within the definition of this one word.

From the treatment of Indigenous Peoples, the Black Lives Matter movement, the MeToo movement, the treatment of seniors, and a whole range of discrimination based on sexual, gender, or racial issues, all of these problems exist in Canada, whether we like to think about it, or even whether or not we admit it.

While there are some laws in place to try and prevent, or at least reduce, the impact of these issues, the fact that these problems still exist should be our first clue that the current laws are not sufficient.

These are complex, delicate issues that, in truth, can only be solved if we all work together, tell governments what we want, and push those governments until it happens.

Take Action

Start by expecting more. Once we have made that shift in our thinking, and we realize that we deserve more, then we can get together and demand more.

Connect with other Canadians, and demand more from your elected officials, who are the only ones with the power to force the changes we want.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to tell the elected officials what you want. It is their responsibility to make it happen. Assuming, of course, they want to get re-elected.