About the Environment category

Canada is trying, but are we really doing everything we can?


As a topic of conversation, the Environment is huge. Not just in importance, but in the sheer number of topics within the overall conversation.

There is climate change, of course, which receives much of the attention these days. But the environment is about much more than ‘only’ climate change. Recycling, pollution in our waterways, plastics in the oceans, deforestation…the list goes on.

This section of the site is devoted to all things environment. It is your place to discuss the issues (respectfully, of course) and to coordinate with each other on topics that are important to you.

And don’t forget to take action. Let the government know what you want done.

Take Action

Start by expecting more. Once we have made that shift in our thinking, and we realize that we deserve more, then we can get together and demand more.

Connect with other Canadians, and demand more from your elected officials, who are the only ones with the power to force the changes we want.

Ultimately, it is your responsibility to tell the elected officials what you want. It is their responsibility to make it happen. Assuming, of course, they want to get re-elected.