Promises, promises - Banks

We were pleased to hear that the Liberals are promising to increase taxes on the big banks and insurance companies if re-elected. We here at WorkForOurVotes firmly believe that Canada’s big banks and insurance companies have taken too much from Canadians and given too little in return, so any such news is welcome.

Hopefully, all political parties will take it upon themselves to go after the banks and insurance companies as well. Those same institutions earned massive profits during a pandemic, and followed that up immediately by increasing fees. If you’ll pardon the pun, something doesn’t add up.

However, we will believe it when we see it. Politicians promise a lot during an election campaign, but don’t always deliver when in office.

Will this time be any different? We certainly hope so, but why don’t we take it upon ourselves to help make it so? Contact your elected officials and tell them how important this is to you.