Why does it always take help from the media before seniors are treated properly?

In yet another example of poor treatment of Canada's senior citizens, the CBC reports that residents at a Toronto Community Housing (TCH) building have not received mail for close to a month after their Canada Post delivery person refused to continue delivery due to a cockroach infestation.

While there is a lot to unpack here, the two most obvious problems are: 1 - the fact that there is an ongoing cockroach infestation in any seniors community housing project; and 2 - that Canada Post independently, and without warning apparently, stopped delivery of the residents' mail.

Clearly, both the TCH and Canada Post have some explaining to do. Unfortunately, however, it took an article by the CBC and questions from reporters to get some action.

While we are thankful that the mainstream media picks up some of these stories and, through their reach and influence, are able to generate some movement on the issue, we strongly believe that these sorts of incidents should never happen in the first place.

What do you think?